Solutions at Work: Pandora Radio

Pandora’s Chicago office in Tribune Tower references music genres, personalities and places through integrated artwork and streaming music in public areas. Whimsical phone booths provide nooks for conference calls and headsdown work, while meeting rooms with fully glazed walls ensure the staff has full access to spectacular views. The elevator lobby is softened with draperies, enhancing not only the acoustics, but also one’s initial impression of the space.

The objectives for Eastlake Studio, who were entrusted to design the space, were to give Pandora’s Chicago offices “a creative and fun, yet professional workplace,” explained Steph Smothers, designer, Eastlake Studio. Pandora has changed the way people listen to and stream music, so the design team wanted to pay homage to the decade that changed the face of music forever – the 1980’s.

The 80’s design concept was weaved into the project utilizing key elements reflective of the decade. The use of Tarkett’s Tandus Centiva Avant and Cartography modular lines, as well as Tarkett’s Johnsonite® wall base and a custom cut Pandora logo in Tandus Centiva’s Powerbond® Plexus Colour IV, helped to bring it all together.

“There is a fine line between nostalgia and cliché,” Smothers said. “We needed products that really highlighted elements with a nod to the 80’s but also weren’t so literal.”

The colors and textures of Tandus Centiva’s Avant and Cartography lines looked like acid-washed jeans of the 80’s and Johnsonite wall base is the go-to for Eastlake Studio projects. “There is a good selection for color matching, even with the bold colors we used for this particular project,” Smothers said.

With 100 employees and countless visitors venturing into the new building on any given day, it not only needed to be an attractive centerpiece but the flooring needed to be able to withstand heavy foot traffic. “We trust the performance of Tarkett’s products, plus the distinctive product helped us deliver a unique project,” Smothers stated.

Country: USA
City: Chicago, Illinois
Type of Project: Renovation Installation
Period: March 2016
Design/Architect Firm: Eastlake Studio
Flooring Installer: Vortex
General Contractor: Sonoma Construction
Total Flooring Surface Installed: 20,000 sq. ft.
Products Installed: Tandus Centiva Avant Modular, Tandus Centiva Cartography Modular, Tandus Centiva Powerbond® Plexus Colour IV, and Johnsonite® Wall Base

Pandora Radio: Solutions at Work Brochure


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