Product Feature: Freelance

Reflective of time worn beauty, Freelance demonstrates the evolution of straight lines, washed away to dimensional patterns, creating unique visuals with depth and texture. The latest Powerbond® design from Tandus Centiva, Freelance, was created to provide a pattern rooted in geometry, and blended with organic movement. A geometric grid, erodes to show the contrasting layers of the material, lending a sophisticated, softened look.

Also available in modular, Freelance is ideal for every commercial space. From workplace to healthcare, education to retail, Freelance’s use of random, non- directional pattern for the floor enhances flexibility and interactivity within the interior. Change and reconfiguration of collaborative furniture grouping can happen easily, without compromising the overall aesthetic visual. Freelance is the next generation of Powerbond, appealing to both facility and design.

Freelance is created using 100% solution dyed Dynex SD® fiber with permanent stain resistant technology. Using all solution dye fibers provides color consistency and a greater resistance to fade.  The clever use of shifting needlebars adds a soil hiding, multicolored aesthetic to a patterning technique, pioneered with the award winning Tandus Centiva style, Avant. The yarns are placed and twisted in a fashion to distribute color providing a striking multicolor effect.

Freelance is available in nine colorways including vibrant colors and softer neutrals. Environmental protection is an integral part of Tarkett’s manufacturing process and water usage is high on our list for reduction. The non-use of spacedyed fiber eliminated the need for yarn dyed components, reducing our use of water in manufacturing. Promoting good indoor air quality, Powerbond has low VOC emissions and is 100% recyclable through the Tarkett Restart® Reclamation program.



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