Product Feature: Loop Stitch

Rich, complex textures derived from the iconic look of fashion textiles. Echoing the concept of imperfect is the new beautiful, authenticity is the new sexy. Tandus Centiva introduces Loop Stitch to the award winning Open Archive collection.

Based specifically on our fit-for-purpose model, the Open Archive Collection offers numerous styles, platforms and sizes because we know every space is special and deserves a product that was designed with it in mind. Made using Dynex SD® and Aquafil’s Econyl® yarn, GeoKnit and Cache Tweed coordinate color-for-color with the collections Woven option, OverStitch, and its Modular option Loop Stitch.

Loop Stitch – The most linear design of the Open Archive collection, offers a bold, masculine visual with the comforting look of knit fabrics. With its linearity and plank or rectangular modular size, Loop Stitch can be used to create patters on the floor: herringbones, chevrons, brick, parquets and stripe configurations. The collections 12 color palette ranges from classic warm/cool greys, taupe neutrals, to indigo navy, Iris, and brites.


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