Product Feature: Mesto Configurations™

Evidence-based design studies have shown that nature-influenced designs are essential to healthcare and education environments. Nature-inspired elements within a space can incorporate variety, color, and form as a means of arousing creativity in students and promoting health in patients. A tonal study with a soft marbleized visual, Mesto Configurations™ rubber tiles can be used together in very subtle gradations to create the effect of layered textural shifts, which are found in geology and other natural formations. 

Additionally, the sound absorption that Mesto Configurations rubber flooring provides can improve auditory environments by reducing noise from walking and rolling traffic, which according to evidence-based design can result in improved cognition, and more restful sleep within healing spaces. Mesto Configurations is also naturally slip-resistant, which is ideal for active spaces, as well as in hospitals where patient well-being is paramount.

The popular Mesto Configurations line introduces 12 new colors, each in three different shades and five different sizes of tiles and planks – 6”x6”, 12”x12” or 24”x24” tiles and 6”x24” or 12”x24” planks.




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