Product Feature-OverStitch Product Portfolio Now Available

A continued trending counter balance to the rapidly changing austere coldness of high technology, woven textiles add comfort and familiarity to commercial spaces. Woven carpets can make a positive difference in the productivity to any project.

We are tirelessly looking into new ways to take the authentic heritage of Tandus-Centiva’s Woven Broadloom Platform to new offerings of contemporary vogue. OverStitch  adds to the impressive list of modern Woven classics, produced at one of only three (3) commercially viable woven mills in North America. Engineered for exceptional long-term performance, Woven constructed pile yarns are interlaced to provide woven carpets’ famous resistance to delamination, yarn zippering and longevity.

Heavily inspired by fabric found in high fashion, this collection is an experimentation in proprietary fiber composition. Touched by many hands during its creation,  Over Stitch presents a new contrast of textures, which has never been achieved before on the floor plane.

Based specifically on our fit-for-purpose model, the Open Archive Collection offers numerous styles, platforms and sizes because we know every space is special and deserves a product that was designed with it in mind. Made using Dynex SD® and Aquafil’s Econyl® yarn, OverStitch coordinates colour-for-colour with Modular collection options, GeoKnitt , Cache Tweed and Loop Stitch. Brows the OverStitch brochure. OverStitch


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