Product Feature: Transcend with New Mini Book

Floating luxury floors that actually float.

Tarkett’s Transcend luxury vinyl tile floors are a beautiful and hardwearing solution that offer the added flexibility of being easy to install, easy to remove and sturdy underfoot. Options include both adhesive-backed and click and lock technology, but which solution is the right one for you?

Transcend is a flexible product that can cover a variety of existing floors – from wall to wall carpet to pre-existing tile or hardwood. Tiles and planks are backed with a unique sculpted wave backing system that has adhesive on the raised wave, leaving the channels open and free of adhesive so that the floor can absorb sound and breathe – resisting moisture and providing a better acoustical experience underfoot. Perfect for high traffic areas, Transcend is at home in boutiques, restaurants, small offices and light commercial interiors, and it’s also a perfect choice for residential projects, where it can stand up to any room in the house – from the mudroom, laundry room or bath to the kitchen, hallways, basement and bedrooms.

Transcend Click has tongue and groove construction that makes it easy to install, easy to remove and sturdy underfoot. Click requires minimal subfloor preparation and no underlayment, is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Click LVT is a great choice for residential projects, also perfect for any room in the house – from kitchen and bath to living and bedrooms or basements. It’s often the first choice for DIYers who enjoy the satisfaction of a project that improves both the beauty and the value of your home – sometimes in just a weekend. To learn more view the Transcend Presentation Tarkett_SureSetPPT_Presentation_2017_0215

Click the link below to download the PDF of our new Transcend Mini Book:

Check out the Transcend Video!



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