Solutions at Work: Hardin Memorial Pediatric Rehabilitation

Hardin Memorial Hospital’s Therapy and Sports Medicine Center was once a 9,000 square foot facility, but has undergone a 4,000 square foot addition to complete their new Pediatric Therapy Center. For years, the Therapy and Sports Medicine Center has treated patients from newborn to geriatric. According to Manager of Outpatient Rehabilitation, Jimmy Coursey, “We treat almost any dysfunction in our clinic.”

In the prior years, the clinic has seen a substantial increase in pediatric clientele. This prompted the remodel of the clinic with the young patients in mind. The objectives for Hardin Memorial Hospital was to create a safe space for the pediatric clientele, and allow them to operate in an environment that was more kid friendly, fun, playful, and engaging to better serve their clients. “It was time to build the kids their own space to allow them an environment that was more kid friendly,” Coursey said.

JRA Architect’s Director of Healthcare Design, Steve Wiser, stated the given goals of the center as, “The center had to have a fun, playful, engaging type of space. They needed a lot of colors, and cushion back was very important to them for the safety of their pediatric patients.”

To accomplish this, the clinic decided to install Johnsonite Training® flooring.

Supports a Healthier Environment

Training makes it possible to achieve the winning combination of energy return, shock absorption, vivid colors, and imagination. The Therapy and Sports Medicine Center used all of these things to create a place for children to lose their worry of being at the doctor, and open their imaginations to the room around them. Coursey says, “The colors of our floor help make a fun environment for our kids.” In addition to the fun factor, Training has a Polyurethane-reinforced wear layer that makes it more durable, resilient and easy to maintain, plus includes a heavy foam backing to help cushion noise and impact during physical activity. “The soft foam makes it a safer environment,” Coursey notes.

There is always the fear of germs spreading quickly in any doctor’s office. This leads to harsher chemicals for cleaning surfaces in waiting rooms, and patient rooms. However, long-lasting Training requires fewer man-hours and less water, energy and chemicals to keep clean.  To that point, Coursey says, “It’s very easy to clean and sanitize.”

Built to Last

The primary reason that Training was chosen for this project was for its fantastic resilience. When paired with the unique coloring, the flooring was a perfect fit for both patients and staff. Director Coursey told us, “We are thrilled with the way the flooring for our new pediatric gym and playground turned out.  The look and feel of the floor helps create a fun and safe environment for the thousands of children who will receive treatment in our facility for years to come.”

View the full Solutions at work here!


Country: USA
City: Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Type of Project: Renovation
Installation Period: January 2017

Design/Architect Firm: JRA Architects
Total Flooring Surface Installed: 4,000 sq. ft.
Products Installed: Johnsonite® Training®



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