Installation & Maintenance

Changes to ReStart

Recycling product as it’s removed from a job site is important to Tarkett, and it’s a valuable topic when discussing installation and maintenance. Our focus on using better materials in our products has coincided with recent changes to our ReStart program’s rebate structure. The changes are outlined below. This is an excerpt from a letter that may be sent to some outside our company to help explain the change

Thank you for your support of our ReStart® Reclamation and Recycling Program and in joining us in Doing Good — Together. It’s through our ongoing, combined efforts that we will be able to create a more sustainable planet.

Our combined efforts to phase out the usage of certain chemicals are showing success, and we are experiencing a greater demand for products such as our ethos® Modular with Omnicoat Technology, which is made using recycled PVB film. As such, we are now offering an incentive for ethos products, which is $0.06 per pound, plus freight cost for full (more than 3,500 yards) trailer loads.

This positive result allows us to focus on reusing materials that benefit the environment and those who walk on our products daily. Additionally, we will continue our full efforts through ReStart and maintain our PVC-backed product recycling program. However, PVC products will no longer be eligible for rebates.

Let’s continue our efforts toward Doing Good —Together. Thank you again for your interest and participation in our ReStart program.



Tarkett RollSmart™ Adhesive

This month’s focused look at our adhesives shines a light on RollSmart. This Cradle to Cradle certified bronze adhesive is a solvent-free, easy-to-apply formulation for a variety of sheet products. The innovative adhesive is applied using a 3/8″ nap paint roller and dries quickly. The application method eliminates trowel marks and is approved for use under hospital beds.

The environmentally friendly RollSmart is non-toxic, non-flammable, and low emitting, making it FloorScore certified.

RollSmart is formulated for use with Johnsonite’s Acczent®, Acczent® Florish, Acczent® Wood Safe-T, Aria™, iQ™ Granit™, iQ™ Granit™ Safe-T, iQ™ Granit™ Micro, Marbled Safe-T, Melodia™, iQ® Natural, iQ® Optima®, and Standard Plus, as well as Tandus Centiva’s Event LVT.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 8.48.38 AM

Tarkett 959: Vinyl Tile and Plank Adhesive

In an ongoing series to highlight our adhesives, this month we’re featuring Tarkett 959. This Cradle to Cradle Gold-certified vinyl tile and plank adhesive is a versatile product that can be used on all grades of concrete. Tarkett 959 reduces installation time compared to traditional hard-setting adhesives. In addition, it contains a minimum of 20% post-consumer content.

959 is suitable for use with Tarkett commercial and residential LVT — with the exception of Victory — and FiberFloor, as well as the following Johnsonite products: Aloft, Azterra, Color Essence, Color Essence SR, Gemstone, Cortina Grande, I.D. Inspiration, I.D. Freedom, and SureStart Underlayment.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 4.07.36 PM


New Adhesive Sell Sheets for Tarkett 959, RollSmart and SpraySmart 901


Three new adhesive sell sheets have recently been created, covering Tarkett 959, RollSmart and Tarkett SpraySmart 901. Each sell sheet provides valuable product details, including sustainability facts, flooring the adhesive is formulated for, and technical data.

The sell sheets are available on MarCom in POSTCARDS & HANDOUTS.

Here are some highlights from each:

Tarkett 959 is specifically formulated for installing the following Johnsonite VET, SVT, LVT and underlayment products:

• Aloft
• Azterra
• Color Essence

• Color Essence SR
• Gemstone
• Cortina Grande

• I.D. Inspiration
• I.D. Freedom
• SureStartTM Underlayment

RollSmart is a solvent-free, easy-to-apply adhesive specifically formulated for installing the following sheet products*:

• Acczent®
• Acczent® Flourish
• Acczent® Wood Safe-T
• Aria

• iQTM Granit
• iQTM GranitTM Safe-T
• iQTM Granit® Micro
• Marbled Safe-T

• Melodia®
• iQ® Natural
• iQ® Optima®
• Standard Plus

*Not approved for Acoustiflor® products


SpraySmart 901 is a solvent-free adhesive specifically formulated for installing the following Johnsonite® VCT, VET, SVT, Vinyl Sheet, Rubber Tile products and Finishing Accessories:

• Azrock VCT
(Solids & Feature Strips)
• Textile VCT
• VCT Basketball Kit

Finishing Accessories

• Subfloor Leveler System

• Azterra
• Color Essence
• Color Essence SR
• Gemstone
• Cortina Grande
• Cortina Grande SRTM
• Karim Kolors
• Karim Shapes


Vinyl Sheet
• Acczent®
• Acczent® Flourish
• Acczent® Wood Acoustiflor®
• Acczent® Wood Safe-T
• AriaTM
• iQTM Granit
• iQTM Granit Safe-T
• iQTM Granit Micro
• Marbled Safe-T
• Melodia
• iQTM Natural
• iQTM Optima®
• iQTM Optima® Acoustiflor®
• Standard Plus


Rubber Tile*
• Circulinity Collection
• Defiant
• Folio Collection
• Inertia
• Mesto
• Mesto Configurations
• MicroTone
• Minerality
• Prima® Marbleized & Olio®
• Triumph
• Replay® Tile & Sheet


New Installation Certification Program for Several Products

Tarkett North America recently launched a new installation certification program for Harmonium, homogenous and heterogenous vinyl sheet, Powerbond® and Stair Treads. The program consists of two levels, Select and Elite. Once an installer passes his or her Select certification, he or she can then pursue Elite certification.

Certified installers for these products receive a formalized statement promoting individual skills as an installer. Certification is accompanied by an identification card with his or her name and a QR code that links to detailed information regarding certification, as well as a Tarkett T-shirt, and rebates/discounts good toward tools and gear.

To learn more about the program, contact Richard Schmidt.


TandusTape+ is now TarkettTAPE™
January 2017

TandusTape+ is changing its name AND color in 2017. The new name will be TarkettTAPE™ and the color will change to gray. 

TarkettTAPE™ is for use with ethos® Modular with Omnicoat Technology™ and Flex-Aire® modular.

  • TarkettTAPE installed with ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology requires no pH, MVER or In-Situ/RH testing provided there is no evidence of free liquids.
  • TarkettTAPE with Flex-Aire Modular can be installed at MVER ≤ 5.0 pounds, pH ≤ 9.0 and In-Situ/RH ≤ 80%.
  • Odor free
  • Sticks to the tile, not the floor
  • Low VOCs
  • Faster Installation

Supplied in self-wound perforated rolls with an outer diameter of 5” on a 3” inner diameter.

  • Each tape unit measures 3″ by 4″ +/- 0.125″ with notched perforations between each unit.
  • There are 324 units per roll with a coverage area of 144 sq. yds/ roll installed with 24” tile.
  • Packaged from 1 to 16 rolls per box with a minimum order quantity of one roll.
  • The tape unit is centered at the corner of the tile as to engage the inner section of the two adjacent and one opposing tile corners (See installation instructions for details).

For more information, please see the TarkettTAPE™ flyer here


Tarkett Introduces Three New Cradle to Cradle® Certified Flooring Adhesives
December 2016

Three new adhesive products have recently been introduced including RollSmart, SpraySmart 901 and Tarkett 959, offering the most flexible and efficient, Cradle to Cradle® Certified flooring installation adhesives on the market. With improved, low emitting formulas, the new products simplify the installation process, saving time and money, while contributing to overall indoor air quality.

“Consistent with Tarkett’s commitment to developing sustainable solutions, our three new adhesives were designed using Cradle to Cradle principles, keeping in mind the importance of the impact that they have on the environment and the health and well-being of humans,” Diane Martel, Vice President, Environmental Planning and Strategy for Tarkett North America says. “Attaining the C2C Certification for all three products is a big step in our mission to have all of our adhesives certified at the silver level by the year 2020.”

Aside from offering sustainable flooring adhesive options, Tarkett 959, SpraySmart 901 and RollSmart were created to reduce the amount of time spent on installation and labor associated with traditional adhesives. “With the addition of these products, installations can now begin earlier on new construction projects because of the elevated moisture/pH limitations, also reducing the requirement for costly moisture mitigation,” explains Scott Hopwood, Director of Technical Services for Tarkett North America. “RollSmart is ready to receive floorcovering 75% faster than other adhesives, nearly eliminating down time when installers are waiting for adhesives to dry.”

Tarkett 959 is a versatile luxury and solid vinyl tile and plank adhesive that can be used on all grades of concrete. Tarkett 959 is Certified Cradle to Cradle Gold Level, the highest level of certification offered for a flooring adhesive.

Tarkett 959 Key Benefits:

  • Compatible across nine (9) flooring categories
  • Reduces installation time compared to traditional hard-setting adhesives
  • SCS Certified – containing a minimum of 20% post-consumer content
  • LEED Credits: IEQ Credit 4.1 Low emitting materials, IEQ Credit 4.3 Low VOC Ratings, MR Credit 2.2 Environmentally Preferable Material

SpraySmart 901 is an easy-to-use resilient flooring spray adhesive and Certified Cradle to Cradle Silver level. SpraySmart 901 can be used on a wide variety of flooring types including sheet flooring, rubber tile and VCT. The spray application makes this adhesive ideal for fast, easy installation requiring no primer.

SpraySmart 901 Key Benefits:

  • Allows immediate heat welding and post-installation access
  • LEED Credits: IEQ Credit 4.1 Low emitting materials, IEQ Credit 4.3 Low VOC Ratings, MR Credit 2.2 Environmentally Preferable Material, MR Credit 5 Regional Material

RollSmart is a fast-drying vinyl flooring adhesive that utilizes a unique chemistry to provide fast installation of Tarkett’s sheet flooring and Luxury Vinyl Tile with Contour construction. Certified Cradle to Cradle Bronze level, RollSmart is applied using a 3/8” nap paint roller. This eliminates the risk of trowel marks and spray patterns telegraphing through the flooring, which are challenges associated with other types of adhesives.

RollSmart Key Benefits:

  • Dries in as little as 10 minutes, three times faster than anything else on the market
  • Easily Visible for improved precision in installation
  • Approved for use under hospital beds
  • Allows immediate heat welding and post-installation accessLEED Credits: IEQ Credit 4.1 Low emitting materials, IEQ Credit 4.3 Low VOC Ratings

All three adhesives are FloorScore® certified. They are also all compatible with slab conditions 90% RH and 8lbs per 1,000 ft²/24 hours, allowing for quicker, more efficient installation, even in adverse flooring conditions.


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