Sustainability: Doing Good


Our new Tarkett NA sustainability campaign – Doing Good – came to life at NeoCon via a picture mosaic mural that was the product of co-creation. Tarkett employees and NeoCon show attendees took photos throughout the event, tagged the images with #doinggood and #Tarkett, the images were then printed and applied to the wall to create the mosaic.

Doing Good

At Tarkett, we believe doing better isn’t good enough. Instead, we’re delivering on a bigger promise: to bring the best of ourselves, as a manufacturer and a corporate citizen, together with the best of science and new thinking to create a good future for all. A future where people and the planet prosper in balance. Our promise is simple: We’re Doing Good with a framework that connects our sustainability efforts to everything our customers value and everything our world needs. Doing Good means designing for life—a life where good materials contribute to good health, while resources are responsibly stewarded and continually re-used. And at the heart of Doing Good is an open invitation—to our customers, our peers, our industry—to join us in creating a healthy, beautiful and sustainable world.

Look for more information and content around this campaign in the upcoming months – and don’t forget to continue using the #doinggood #tarkett tags in your social media posts!

Doing Good Sustainability Video


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