Collections Infinies New Digital Library

Introducing the enhanced Collections Infinies Visualizer.

Tarkett’s Digital Library and Inspirational Upload for LVT is a game-changing technology that is taking co-creation of flooring to new heights.

When paired with Tarkett’s digitally printed LVT, the new Digital Library and Inspirational Upload allows users to experience flooring creations and designs in a completely new way. This program allows a customer to upload an image file for rendering and sharing with other stakeholders. Additionally, it allows them to see how the potential flooring design will look and work within the actual environment. Also, a portfolio of categorized designs is available to support even greater co-creation and inspirational needs.

Beyond simply placing a rendering of a floor within a space, the Digital Library and Inspirational Upload gives users the ability to identify how a product is installed, including sizes and formats, as well has how these tiles are laid out within a room or across multiple room scenes with a variety of tile sizes.

The Digital Library and Inspirational Upload can also assist a customer seeking a completely custom flooring option, whether that includes custom colors of a pattern within the Tarkett Digital Portfolio or uploading a completely original image to use for design inspiration.

Tarkett’s digital print LVT yields a floor with much longer repeats — 4 times longer than traditional LVT printing — and nearly endless design options, and it’s printed in the USA with water-based inks.

Visit the updated Collections Infinies Visualizer


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