Product Feature: Apace

Apace is where luxury meets performance. This thick, sumptuous woven broadloom delivers a modern Berber aesthetic with the longevity of a solution-dyed nylon yarn. The result is an in-the-moment take on a timeless design, bringing a classic elegance to today’s commercial workplace. Apace’s intricate construction teases the eye with random texturing and a crimp consistency that leads to wool-like characteristics. Achieving this comforting broadloom takes 6-ply warp yards composed of 4-ply bulk fiber wrapped in thin, tightly twisted 2-ply fiber. It’s this attention to detail in Apace’s woven fibers that creates a warm, inviting yet durable carpet. The 100 percent solution-dyed woven broadloom is available in 13 colors with lasting beauty. The color palette contains warm and cool grays, creams and taupe neutrals with flecks of contrasting tones that impart soil and stain-hiding color contrasts. Click here to view portfolio literature.




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